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Harvey Cleaning Solutions

Price ranges

Every site is unique because every home is used in a different way and may require different processes- your prices too may vary 

Price Guide Only

Sanitation carpet clean $40 per room (2 room min)

Our methods are guaranteed not to shrink your carpet and live steam has the following benefits:


- High levels of bacteria, parasites, and other nasties are KILLED and then extracted

-Your carpet dries faster

-Your carpet dries softer

- Your carpet stays cleaner for longer as there are less residual chemicals (less than 3%) to attract soiling


Vacant room special

$99 for 3 rooms carpet cleaning for your bond return by a profession certified, experienced and insured technician if you can meet these easy conditions! 

- carpet area is to be cleared of all furniture and effects

- carpet area is to be pre vacuumed well including edges

- payment processed prior to starting work. 

Tile cleaning starts at $4 per square meter for small areas and discounts apply for large areas

Our sanitising steam tile machine (120 degrees) kills  lifts and vacuums away all the residues on your floor leaving the best finish possible for your area.


 Our team is very experienced in tile stain treatments as well as mould and odour controls. So if you have an area that is giving trouble click on the link for a solution.

WE REWARD YOU FOR YOUR REFERRALS! Refer us to your family and friends after a service and we will discount your next service if they mention your name when booking.

Your lounge is a big investment and important for your comfort so protect with regular care, spot cleaning as well as a planned full clean.


We can help you work out how often you should do a full clean and if you should consider a protector (scotchguard) as is not required or necessary with all fabric types.


general lounge clean price range ( varied treatment requires a varied $)

- standard 2 seater =$80 to $150      

- standard 3 seater =$100 to $200

-standard recliner   = $ 60 to  $120

discounts for a suite clean and seating position or body contact points only clean


Leather has to be quoted on due to the wildly varying conditions but an average 3 seater = $200- $300


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